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I examined your account and found that for the following remittances, We confirmed that remittance processing on our company was successfully completed. 11985.0 XEM 2017/07/17 19: 44: 38 <Detailed information> Application date: 2017/07/17 19: 44: 38 Remittance destination address: nd 2 jrp - qiwxhk - aa 26 in - vga 7 sr - eeum x 5 - qai 6 vu - 7 hnr Quantity: 11985.0 XEM Commission fee: 15.0 XEM Transaction ID: 9d9be317979cdbac61ee838d90b39fbff19125db58b9d6661599c03bd98c1da0 Please check the deposit on the remittance destination. Even at this point in time, if the remittance has not won the remittance destination, Based on the details of remittance, whether the correct remittance destination address is specified or not, Please also check once again whether the message input was done correctly at the time of remittance. In case of As the reply came, we ask for confirmation

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Thanks for providing the requested information. This ticket has been escalated for a manual credit and will be processed soon. There is no need to reply at this time.

Thank you,[/TD]

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Bittrex Support TeamWednesday at 17:22
If a message/tag/paymentid/memo was not attached to this deposit we will have to manually lookup the deposit and credit it. This process can take up to 2 weeks and also requires that you have already generated a message/tag/paymentid/memo.

If you have not already included a Transaction ID/Hash, please reply to this email, or update your ticket at with your transaction ID/hash. We cannot credit these coins unless you provide us with your transaction hash.

*** Unfortunately we cannot accept the transaction hash in an image/photo as we must be able to copy and paste this hash. ***

To Generate a message/tag/paymentid/memo:

Open the coin wallet from the Bittrex Wallet page. Click the + next to the wallet and then click "New Address". Please include this "message/tag/paymentid/memo" with all future deposits for this coin.

Thank you,

Your Bittrex Support Team


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